March Madness

Basketball lovers…please don’t hate me for what I am about to confess. I am sick of basketball. As we are in the midst of March Madness, I will come forward to say that I have grown weary of that orange spherical bouncy toy of which young and old alike are so enamored.

As a way to get through the long month of March, I have done the following in my library …just for fun:

1. I have 2 showcases in the hallway outside of the Media Center. I have asked staff members to bring in any basketball memorabilia that may have. We have completely filled both showcases.

Basketball Memorabilia

Basketball Memorabilia


Basketball Memorabilia


2. I am running a NCAA bracket contest (free) for both Men’s and Women’s brackets. Prizes come from money earned during fundraisers. This year I am giving away basketballs signed by our Varsity boys and girls basketball teams and, of course, books about basketball. At last count I’ve had over 150 Men’s brackets and almost 100 Women’s brackets turned in. Yes, I’m scoring them all by hand. No, I can’t do this online. We are not a one-to-one school, and as you may be able to tell by the picture at the bottom, we have a large Amish population.

The Great Wall of Brackets

The Great Wall of Brackets

3. I have old footage from basketball games in the 80s and 90s. The students are hovering in front of my TV when they can. I have apologized to teachers ahead of time if students are late to class. I’ve also put the yearbooks from the years on the counter so they can put names with faces.

Watching a game before school

Watching a game before school

Tomorrow our varsity team plays in the Class 2A State Championship. Win or lose, it is a special time for the students and staff. It’s quite an achievement. However, the game will not be a tearful end for me. I’ll have a quiet smile on my face knowing that we will be one day and one game closer to April. March Madness can be put to rest until next year.


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