Snow Days

And here I am…at home…again. After some lovely freezing rain, we had to cancel school. If I remember correctly, this is our 4th day out so far and we are only at the end of January. This is going to be a short summer, especially since we are going to a balanced calendar.

Let’s get up-to-date with some things that have been happening of late.

1. I received my new budget totals for this calendar year. I have 4 budgets for my library. They include AV Supplies, Books, Library Supplies, and Periodicals. On average, they were cut by 67%. One was completely cut. I have tried looking for grants, but I’m either too late for this year or I don’t fit the qualifications.

2. Our state’s proposed budget will force another big hit to public schools and also to our state library. I will probably take another hit from both sides of the coin.

3. I am at a standstill regarding technology. Between constrictive filter settings and low tech budgets, my poor students are crying foul and the teachers are ready to give up technology.

4. On a positive note, my circulation statististics are holding steady. Kids are reading reading reading. I guess, with this weather, they have had some extra downtime since we don’t have eLearning in our corporation.

5. It’s a busy busy time of year for extracurriculars. Between sporting events, Vocal and Instrumental contests, Speech meets, Homecoming, etc, the students are busy and keeping out of trouble (for the most part).

6. The staff members are supporting each other in great ways. Positive emails, words of encouragement in the hallways, smiles in the midst of long days…I am very blessed to work in this environment.

Onward and Upward!

Currently reading:  Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

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