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The “FWS”

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE the First Week of School?

Some people in the educational system enter the FWS with a healthy (0r non-healthy…depends on your perspective) dose of fear and trepidation. Others have a sense of melancholy because, with the beginning of school, it means the end of summer (Duh!). I know of a few others that look forward to the FWS so that they can return to some semblance of a routine.

So…why do I like the FWS? Since moving into the library seven years ago, I have tried my best to foster a sense of need/desire/craving in the students to get to the library as soon as school starts. Why is that, you ask? Well…I want the kids to need/desire/crave the library. They know that I will order new books in March/April but not put them out until August/September. Mwa ha ha ha ha… It feels so evil to keep them waiting and wanting, but it gives me such rush during the FWS. A rush, you ask? Yes.

Here’s the scenario: Day 1 – Several students came in asking for our new book cart and the new Eliot Rosewater books. Unfortunately, they weren’t ready yet, but don’t lose heart. I directed them to some other great books to help them bide their time. By Day 2, we had circulated over 300 books. Not a bad start. By the end of the FWS, we had circulated over 1,000 books. With a student population of around 800, my bibliophilic heart swells at the thought of all those books in the kids’ hands.

Move over new squeaky shoes and freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils. The library is open for business!


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