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Marketing 101

I have never taken a marketing class. I don’t know much about branding, marketing plans, product positioning, etc. Those things weren’t covered in my library classes. However, I do know that I need to have great products (books) in order to create interest in a target audience (staff and students). I need good signage to make my library user-friendly. And I need to communicate to my larger audience. Here’s where it gets tricky. What is my most effective way to communicate?

I am currently trying the following things:

1. Staff newsletter: Each month I create a newsletter through Smore. It’s free! (Free is always good.) I can list upcoming events, new DVDs just purchased, new books, fun dates to remember, etc. I usually include a YouTube book trailer as well. I make my own book trailers on Animoto through my FREE educator’s account. I’ve made a lot of trailers and am working on getting them onto my YouTube Channel. Check out my February newsletter.

2. My Big Campus: The big push for student communication in our school is to fully implement My Big Campus by August 2014. It has its ups and downs, but is supposed to be user friendly. My problem? How do I let the kids know to join my site? This is why I need to take a marketing class. Will simple signs work? Should I send out an announcement for a daily p.a. system? Should I recruit kids to “pass the word”. Will a big display in the library catch their eye? Oh, what a dilemma…(insert heavy sigh with back of hand raised to forehead).

My oldest son is majoring in Entrepreneurship in college. I think it’s time to have a little chat. Maybe I can bribe him with homemade cookies and a 3-month supply of coffee.

Onward and upward!

Currently reading: Proxy by Alex London


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