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Am I nuts?

It’s the middle of July and suddenly I want school to start. Seriously???

Yep, something must be wrong. Or, is something right? Does that mean I am a truly dedicated civil servant? Do I miss my colleagues and students that much? Or am I so addicted to a routine that I crave a rigid schedule again?

In a way, it’s ‘yes’ to all of the above. I enjoy my job as a public school librarian. I enjoy conversing with adults and pre-adults. I enjoy routines.

Over the past few days my brain has been wrestling with itself. I’ve been thinking about how I will decorate the two showcases outside of the library. Then I think to myself, “Are you nuts? Enjoy the summer. STOP THINKING ABOUT SCHOOL!!!” But a little while later, the showcases pop back into my head. This happens when I’m weeding the garden, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, etc. Maybe these thoughts of school are my inner-child’s way of trying to get out of work at home.

Whatever the case may be, August 12th (Staff Day) quickly approaches. The students will enter our buildings on August 13th with their squeaky new shoes, new school clothes, backpacks filled with new notebooks, pencils, and calculators. I’ve got a couple of carts filled with new books, waiting to see the smiles on their faces.

Yep…I’m looking forward to it.

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I have a new job title!

Yeah…go me! My new title is…(drum roll, please)…Manager of Child Play Area.

I’m sure I can come up with something better than that, but I’m too irked to think of it now. Here’s the lowdown. I’ve been working one day per week over the summer (it’s part of my contract). I actually don’t mind it at all since it’s nice and quiet so I can get loads of work accomplished. I’ve been moving books this summer to make room for a couple hundred new books. Imagine my surprise today when I went into my library and found 10-12 bookshelves in major disarray.

Putting my superb CSI skills to good use, I have determined that it was thanks to a child or children of a staff member. Over the summer staff members are, at some points in time, unable to use the computers in their classrooms. They are supposed to use the computers in the library. I’m guessing a staff member was in the library and brought their kids with them. Why do I think it was kids in the shelves?

  • A responsible adult wouldn’t scatter books all over just for the fun of it.
  • A majority of the books scattered were in my easy section…mostly Clifford and Disney books.
  • A page was torn out of a graphic novel…Captain America.
  • Books were shoved from the front to the back of the shelves and turned upside down.
  • The colorful bindings on my Hardy Boys mysteries were an obvious drawing point as several were scattered and piled up in odd places.

While I lack a fingerprint dusting kit, I feel that the above clues would lead me to believe that the dastardly deeds were performed by children. That, in itself, isn’t what bothers me. I have 4 kids. They were young once and managed to get into loads of trouble. What raises my hackles is the lack of adult supervision and the irresponsibility of said adults to leave my library messed up.

I’m not going to try to find the perpetrators. What’s done is done. Some kids were enjoying books. Hey…I should be thrilled! So why was fire spitting out of my eyeballs as I was reorganizing my bookshelves?!

Oh well…as C.S. Lewis said, “Onward and upward.”

Currently reading: Diverse Energies by Tobias and Joe Monti, eds.

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Summertime…Is the livin’ easy?

It’s summer, and my library is shut down so the janitorial staff can work their magic in the school. I, personally, think I’ve got the best janitors in the world. They take such good care of me and my space. That reminds me, I need to buy them donuts.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. My library is not open to check out any materials over the summer. I only have 10 days on my contract that allows me to work during the summer. Usually I have a big project going on such as last summer when I “genre-fied” my fiction section. This year is no exception. My wonderful junior high adminstrator (who is now enjoying retirement), approved the building of shelves in two different spots in the library. The shelves will hopefully be finished by the 4th of July by our wonderful IT teacher. I’m saving up my 10 extra days for July so I can go in and start moving books. While I don’t enjoy moving books and working up a sweat (they turn off the AC for the summer), it’s for a good cause. I really need the extra space.

I also have all those new books that were delivered at the end of May. They are patiently awaiting processing on four lovely carts. And it’s pretty important to have those done by the first day of school. We’ve got our frequent fliers chomping at the bit on the first day of school. They get to the library as soon as they can to check out books from my “New Books” carts. FYI – A “frequent flier” is a student or staff member that is a regular patron and loves to read for pleasure. And, as indicated by research studies, these are some of our top students and best teachers. We all know (at least in the library world) that studies show a direct link between reading for pleasure and academic success.

Summertime. The livin’ is a bit easier. But my library is still always in the back of my mind, even if I’m not physically there. I’ve been told that’s the mark of a good librarian. I hope so….

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